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Wardrobe Detox

Wardrobe Detox

Nothing to wear in a wardrobe crammed with clothes? No idea what to throw and what to keep? Follow our four-point plan to finally getting to grips with your wardrobe.

1. Sort out what suits you

Stick your favourite pieces, the ones you genuinely love and feel great wearing, on a rail. There might be less on that rail than you’d anticipated, don’t panic. If all too distressing or you don't know where to begin, we do house calls!

2.Be Ruthless!

This is where you need to be strong. Put aside anything that hasn’t been worn for two to three years or has never felt quite right when you wear it. Is it the wrong size? Is it still relevant to your current lifestyle? Be brutal!

3. Assess what is left.

By now you should be left with an edit of clothes and accessories that you love and enjoy wearing. By clearing away the clutter, you will be able to spot things that are missing. It may be tops, trousers or jackets. Make a list of what you need.

4.Re organise your wardrobe

Do you arrange your cupboard by sticking all your trousers, skirts or tops in sections? Or should you do it all by colour? There isn’t one right or wrong way. Whatever works best for you. What is more important is that you can see everything easily and that you don’t ‘forget’ about anything.

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